Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fact: Plethora of MEF at St. Ann's

Happy Belated New Years Gentle Readers...

It has been a long time since I have posted with the Holiday Season and year end earnings reporting at work, blogging has not been the top priority.

I hope that many of your knew of the Missa Cantata today at St. Ann's in Charlotte for Sexagesima Sunday that kicked off the Traditional Parish Mission at St. Ann's.

Related to the Parish Mission, the following Masses in the Extraordiary form will be offered this week:

Feb. 3  Sexagesima Sunday 12.30pm
Feb. 4  Monday Low Mass  8.30am
Feb. 5  Tuesday Low Mass 8.30am
Feb. 6  Wednesday Low Mass 8.30am
Feb. 6  Wednesday Low Mass 6pm  (5pm Holy Hour)
Feb. 7  Thursday Low Mass 8.30am

The Mission itself will be preached:
Feb. 3  Sunday 3pm
Feb. 4-7 Mon-Thurs. 7pm

To learn more about the Parish Mission... go here

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