Monday, February 11, 2013

Fact: His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate on Feb. 28

Gentle Readers,

What a rollercoaster of emotion…yesterday’s joy at the announcement of a weekly Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary form so long prayed for in the city of Charlotte, NC… only to be dampened with the tears of the announcement of the abdication of the author of that which made yesterday’s announcement possible.  But I suppose even in this, Providence is at work, as the approval was received from Rome prior to the Roman Curia grinding to a halt during the interregnum…. After which, one will have to see which way the Holy Spirit will lead the Church.

Eight years on the Throne of Peter was probably longer than some expected or wanted His Holiness to reign; but for many of us, his reigning long-than-expected has been so good on so many fronts, and we must now pray that his reforms and examples can be followed.  I would not be totally truthful with you, dear Readers, if I told you that I do not think that perhaps a younger, more vigorous Pope in the ‘Benedictine mold’ might be just what is needed for the temporal and spiritual battles to come…  the Church needs a strong and forceful Vicar at the helm of Peter’s  Bark… and I pray that he will continue to link the reform of the liturgy with the return of our Catholic Identity.

Yesterday’s ending prayer remains appropriate for two more weeks….  Let us continue for pray for Benedict our Pope... Oremus pro Pontifice nostro... 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fact: Charlotte, NC to get weekly Sunday Mass in the Extradinary form!

Gentle Readers....

Laudetur Jesus Christus!!  The prayers that we have been praying since July 7, 2007 have been answered... Roma locuta est... causa finita est.  (Rome has spoken and the cause has been finished!)

Father Reid of St. Ann Catholic Church on Park Rd in Charlotte today announced from the sanctuary after all Sunday Masses that His Excellency, Bishop Jugis, had received word from Rome to do what he could to support the group of faithful that had petitioned via the process of Summorum Pontificum to which His Excellency turned to Fr. Reid and the parish of St. Ann.

How appropriate that St. Ann's and Fr. Reid who have been so generous and so supportive of the Mass in the Extraordinary form should be asked to fulfill this mission.  It was announced today that the Sunday Mass in the Extraordianry form will be offered beginning March 3 at 12.30pm.  (just one month from the beautiful Missa Cantata of Sexagesima).

So, while one set of prayers have been answered, there are a number of new prayers that need to be offered up.  This will not be easy for Fr. Reid and the parish.  For such a small parish to support both forms of the Latin rite means dual calendars, dual sermons, dually trained servers,  and a stretching of the small, but wonders, music ministry of St. Ann's.

We must continue to pray for Fr. Reid to have the strength to support both forms, and we must all do more than pray... we must support this Mass with our attendance,  alms, and talent and treasure. One of the most important of these if there is ever to be anything more than a Low Mass, is to volunteer for a 12.30pm schola.  It is unlike that the St. Ann's Choir will be able to do much more than the high feasts that do not coincide with the Novus ordo feast such as Christ the King.

This is truely a great day to offer up our thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity for this font of graces that will so be available to us... and as importantly, we must give thanksgiving for His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI ... Long may he reign!

Orémus pro Pontífice nostro Benedetto...  Dóminus consérvet eum, et vivíficet eum, et beátum fáciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in ánimam inimicórum ejus.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grapevine: Missa Cantata for St. Joseph

Joseph, fili David, ora pro nobis

Gentle Readers...

It looks like St. Ann's in Charlotte is picking up right where it left off last year after an amazing 2012 offering of Missae cantatae  and Missae solemnes.

Already in February we have had offered a Missa cantata for Sexagesima, and being heard in the corridors of the Park Rd Curia, is that March is likely to bring a Missa cantata for the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19th.

Please pray that this Mass will be publicly confirmed; as well as praying for the ongoing, continued hope of seeing a regurlar, weekly, Sunday MEF here in Charlotte soon.