Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fact: Beautiful Missa Solemnis for Palm Sunday at St. Ann's

Gentle Readers,

If you were not one of the more than 300 souls at today's Palm Sunday Missa Solemnis today at St. Ann's in Charlotte, then you missed out on a truly wonderful experience.  In what I expect was the first Solemn High Mass for Palm Sunday in more than 40 years in the Diocese of Charlotte, those assisting at the Mass today certainly had to be filled with many graces.

From the blessing and distribution of the Palms to the grand Procession and the chanting of the Passion of St. Matthew... the full beauty of the ancient rite was in full view for all of those present.  Some of the oldest chants from the Treasury of Holy Mother Church are to be found in the Holy Week rites, and the congregation at Mass today was not disappointed.

We are truly blessed in this area to have three priests like Fathers Reid, Barone, and Kauth who allow all of this to be possible, along with the Servers and the Schola.

Hosanna.. filio David!