Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fact: Overwhelming support at first weekly Sunday Mass at St. Ann

Dear Readers... The first weekly, Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary form held at St. Ann's on Park Rd was an overwhelming success as more than 216 souls assist Fr. Reid in offering the Mass.

It was a very nice turnout, and this level of support, if it can be maintained, portends great things in the future.  It is important to add, that this support needs to be carried over into the broader work and support of the parish, else it become a liturgical island unto itself with no deeper ties to he community service and charitable services of the parish.

The Mass offered was a Low Mass, but Father said he hoped to evenly work up to a Missa Cantata.  Here is a link to an article about the Mass that has been initiated.

Please continue to support this Mass with you time, talent, treasure, and prayers... And may we over up also a prayer of thanksgiving for Benedict XVI who made it all possible.

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