Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grapevine: Re-union of the SPPX at hand?

Dear Readers... I ask that you take a quick minute to offer up prayer to St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church that the news that I am hearing leaking out of the Italian press may prove to be true!

How dearly Holy Mother Church needs this infusion of Tradition to join with the transitional parishes like St. Ann's to offset the "fluff" of the "pop" parishes to achieve what our Holy Father desires... id est the "mutual enrichment" of the liturgy... so that Lex orandi, Lex credenti.

I have prayed fervently for this reconciliation since the election of Benedict XVI to the Chair of St. Peter... and hopefully this will be confirmed by Roman morning. Please join me in this prayer of unity... and for the SPPX chapel of St. Anthony of Padua here in Charlotte.

Carissimo San Giuseppe, Patrone della Chiesa universale... prega per tuoi figli e la nostra l'unita sotto Pietro.

Fact: Missa Cantata for Ascension at St. Ann's in Charlotte is Confirmed

Dear Readers,

As expected, Fr. Reid announced in his letter in the St. Ann's bulletin that the next Missa Cantata will be offered on Thursday, May 17 -- Feast of the Ascension.

This confirmation, coupled with the earlier announcement of the Solemn High Mass for the Most Holy Trinity on Sunday, June 3 at 2.30pm, offers us the opportunity of enjoying the graces of these Masses with a couple of weeks of each other.

I hope that all of you that can will make every effort to attend.