Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grapevine: Plethra of Extraordinary Form Masses Coming to St. Ann's in Charlotte

Dear Readers....

News is spreading that several Missae will be offered at St. Ann's in Charlotte. Here is what is being said:

Sunday, Oct. 30, 12.30pm
Missa Cantata for Christ the King

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 7pm
Missa Cantata for Immaculate Conception (anticipated)

Saturday, Dec. 17, 6.30pm
Missa Solemnis for IV Sunday of Advent (anticipated)

Notice that one of these Masses looks like it could be another Solemn High Mass!

Let us pray that this "grapevine" post will soon be a "fact" post... but most especially for Fr. Reid, the Altarboys, and the Scola and choir as they prepare for these wonderful fonts of grace.