Friday, October 26, 2012

Grapevine: Upcoming Solemn High Masses at St. Ann's

Gentle Readers...

I hope that all of you will be able to assist at the Missa Canata at St. Ann's this Sunday, Oct. 28 at 12.30pm for the Feast of Christ the King.

But in addition to that, sources within the Park Rd. curia are saying that there are plans afoot for more Solemn High Masses before the end of the year!

Friday, Dec. 7 @ 7pm.  -- Feast of the Immaculate Conception (anticipated)

Sunday, Dec. 16 @ 12:30pm -- III Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday)

If these Masses get confirmed, it will represent a record year for the evolution of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form here in Charlotte with :

6 Solemn High Masses offered
3 Sung High Masses offered

Incremental progress that is definitely headed in the right direction.

Please pray, Gentle Readers, and these Grapevine items will become Facts!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fact: Video out for Fr. Barone's First Mass

Dear Readers... I just found the video of Fr. Barone's First Mass that he offered at St. Ann's back on June 3 as a Solemn High Mass for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

I must admit, as I watched the close up of Fr. Barone speaking the words of the Consecration, for the first time bringing Christ, Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity into the world for us... I had a tear in my eye.

Everything about this video is beautiful...

Source: TheMomentumStudio on YouTube

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fact: Surprise! Solemn High Mass at St. Ann's

Gentle Readers... it was a smaller turnout than normal at St. Ann's tonight for the planned High Mass for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross; however, the congregation that assisted tonight was treated to wonderful surprise...  as the bells rang and the organ played, the procession began and then entered one... then two... then three clerics!!  It was a Solemn High Mass tonight, and it was just beautiful!!

Father Kauth was there as expected, but so was Father Barone, who was just ordained this year had had his First Mass of Thanksgiving as a Solemn High Mass at St. Ann's this past summer.

How wonderful for this surprise to occur today, on Sept. 14, the 5th Anniversary of the implementation of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI (Long many he reign!).  Only 5 years ago there were almost no Masses in the Extraordinary form... 3 years ago were happy just to have a Low Mass... and now... a surprise Solemn High Mass with 3 local priests! 

The blessings and graces just gushed from this Mass tonight... from the Holy Sacrifice itself, with a relic of the True Cross on the Altar and just beautiful music from the loft.  In the immortal words of Fr. Z... "brick by brick"!

Update: Here is an excellent video interview with the Charlotte Latin Mass Society that assisted at the Missa Solemnis.

Please pray for Fr. Kauth, Fr. Barone, Fr. Reid, St. Ann's Altarboys and Schola cantorum.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fact: It's Official... Next Missa Cantata at St. Ann's for Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Gentle Readers... it is official, the next Missa Cantata for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross will be held on Friday, Sept. 14 at 7pm at St. Ann's in Charlotte.

Sunday's church bulletin from St. Ann's states that Fr. Kauth will be offering the Mass.

Please pray for all those involved... Fathers Reid and Kauth... the St. Ann Altar boys... and the St. Ann's Schola Cantorum.

Ave Crux sancta, salve mundi gloria, vera spes nostra...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Grapevine: Missa Cantata on Sept. 14 at St. Ann's ?

Gentle Readers.... sources deep within the Park Street Curia  are saying that the next High Mass to be offered at St. Ann's on Park Road in Charlotte could be held on Friday, Sept.14 -- Feast of the Exsultation of the Holy Cross at 7pm.

What a joy this would be if this Mass can be confirmed.... as not only is it a great feast to celebrate, but it would also honor the 5th anniverary of implemantion of Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI (Long may he reign!).

If this Mass comes to fruition, it would likely be the first of a number of Masses to close out the year, if looking at past years is any indication.  For example, last year, the following High Masses were offered at St. Ann's in the autumn (and it's potential date if it is repeated again this year):

Feast of Chist the King - Sunday, Oct. 28
Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Saturday, Dec. 8
IV Sunday of Advent (anticipated) - Saturday, Dec. 22

Pray dear Readers, that these Masses may come to fruition!

Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.