Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fact: Missa Cantata to be held in Salisbury - June 13th

Dear Readers... A Missa Cantata will be offered on Sunday, June 13 at 4.00pm at Sacred Heart Church in Salisbury. Father Ferguson FSSP will be offering the Mass with the assistance of the excellent altar boys of St. Ann's Church in Charlotte.

Nota bene: Not to be confused with the Friday, June 11th Mass, also at Sacred Heart Church in Salisbury at which the St. Ann's Schola Cantorum will sing, but which is a Mass in the Ordinary Form.

Please be sure to come out and assist at both Masses.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!
Will St Anns Schola sing for the Missa Cantata or will it be sung by Robin and her schola.
Thank you and
God bless

Dan Hunter

s monaco said...

It will not be sung by St. Ann's schola, but it will be served by St. Ann's well-trained altar servers! I do not not know who will be singing for the Mass.

Anonymous said...

Mr Monaco,
Thank you.
St Anns has some of the best altar boys that I have ever seen.
God bless