Friday, May 14, 2010

Fact: St. Ann's Schola to sing at Sacred Heart Parish in Salisbury

Gentle Readers...

I know that several of you have commented on how much you enjoy St. Ann's Schola Cantorum... so I thought that I would share with you all that the schola has been invited to sing and assist at the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.
This will take place at 6:00pm on June 11 at:

Sacred Heart Parish
375 Lumen Christi Lane
Salisbury, NC 28147

Nota bene: this is a Mass in the Ordinary form, not in the Extraordinary form...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!
I have a question for you, Mr Monaco, about the schola if you will be so kind as to e-mail me at:

Thank you for your awesome efforts in "recovering our Catholic Identity"
God bless

Charlie said...

Good to know, I may try to head up that way.

On another note, my Wordpress blog no longer exists. If you care to update your link, I'm now at

s monaco said...

Hope to see you there Charlie... it should be a wonderful Mass... it is sponsored by the Te Deum Foundation for the end of the Year of the Priest... and St. Ann's schola cantorum should help add to the traditional solemnity.

And thanks for the link update, I have made the change!