Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grapevine: TLM may be offered at St. Michael’s in Gastonia in the future

I am aware of no formal announcement of plans, but according the Vicar Forane of Charlotte, Father Arnsparger of St. Michael’s in Gastonia is another parish in the Charlotte area expected to offer the Mass in the Extraordinary form in the not too distant future.

It is also my understanding, although I have not attended, that Fr. Arnsparger offers a Latin Mass in the Ordinary form every First Saturday at 8.15am. It is my further understanding that by offering this Novus Ordo Mass in Latin, Fr. Arnsparger is developing his Latin skills. Lastly to this point, the “little red books” for the TLM have been ordered and possibly even been received by this time.

As a fact I can state that I have attended his English Masses in the Ordinary form and it is very obvious from the moment of entering his parish that Fr. Arnsparger is committed to recapturing and developing the Catholic identity of his flock. Upon entering St. Michael’s one will immediately notice two “unique” elements to Charlotte Catholic churches… 1) reverent silence too often missing in other parishes and 2) the “Benedictine” altar arrangement of an altar cross and 6 candles.

Once he actually begins offering the Mass, it is also clear that he has been impacted by his studies of the older form of the Mass in his mannerisms and movements. He is a holy and dedicated priest who we need to remember in our prayers.

Lastly as we talk via the grapevine, I have reason to believe that Fathers Reid and Arnsparger are in contact with each other and that there will be future coordination of the TLMs that are offered.

If anyone happens to have more details that might allow us to move this from Grapevine to Fact, please let me know.

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