Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fact: St. Ann’s Traditional Latin Mass to be expanded!!

I had no sooner just posted asking for patience when the new news hit: Father Reid will be making some changes that will expand the Mass in the Extraordinary form at St. Ann’s parish on Park Road in Charlotte, NC.

Beginning Wednesday, August 13, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, originally held at 8.00am on Saturdays, will be moved to every Wednesday evening at 6.00pm following the 5.00pm Holy Hour of Adoration.

But there is more!! Due to the stable attendance of those assisting every Saturday morning since he began to offer the Mass, he will be adding a 6.30pm Vigil Mass each First Saturday what will fulfill our Sunday obligation!!

Things are changing dear Readers, little by little and step by step, we are slowly beginning to recover our Catholic identity. The important thing to watch here is that Father Reid; whether in the original Saturday morning offering of the Mass, or to the Wednesday evening Mass to which he will move it, he has not “added” a Mass, but rather he has chosen to use the Extraordinary form in place of the Ordinary form.

Why is this important? Because Fr. Reid is listening very closely to what our wonderful Holy Father, Benedict XVI has been saying that the Extraordinary form is a precious treasure of the entire Church, not just those of us who already know and love it. By replacing a regular daily Mass in the Ordinary form with the Extraordinary form, he is sharing this treasure with those who have never been exposed to it before.

Who among us familiar with it think that it will not have a positive impact on the others. The reverence, the silence, the clear focus versus Deum, etc. of the Extraordinary form cannot go unnoticed. Not all will be immediately enamored with the old form of the Mass, but they will notice differences that in the long term will have an impact.

Again I pray for patience among us and our continued prayers for Fr. Reid and His Holiness Benedict XVI – Long may he reign! W il Papa!

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N.P. West said...

I am looking to relocate to York County, SC and am glad to see that when I come there will be a Latin Mass offered in nearby Charlotte. Kudos to Fr. Reid and St. Ann's on offering this wonderful rite.