Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grapevine: Missa Cantata for Christ the King ON A SUNDAY

Gentle Readers,

I am hearing very exciting news from the wonderful parish of St. Ann's in Charlotte: there is expected to be a Missa Cantata for Christ the King offered on Sunday, Oct. 31 in the 12.30pm "time slot".

The reason I am so excited it that this would be the first Sunday instance where the Mass in the Extraordinary form "overlays" a normally scheduled Novos Ordo Mass.

It is important that we get the word out and make sure this is a standing-room only Mass in support of Fr. Reid and his efforts. I am hopeful that if we get a huge turn out that the Extraordinary form Mass could finally gain its foothold on a "normal Sunday" time slot.

Watch here for confirmation... but spread the word... we need a full church for this one!!

Missa Cantata
Christ the King
Sunday, Oct. 31 -- 12.30pm
St. Ann's Church
Park Road
Charlotte, NC

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